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For over 15 years, Hélène Parisot worked as a visual merchandiser for luxury retail brands. French by birth, she has been employed by international brands such as Cartier, Chanel and Vertu for which she developed their visual merchandising strategies plus defined and realised their in-store identity in London, Paris, New York and Moscow outlets. While remaining highly active in retail world, Hélène has extended her offering to private and commercial clients.

Passionate about her job, Hélène continued to hone her decorative skills and style as well as her ability to set the right kind of ambiance for her clients’ needs. Her encounters with artists, designers and craftsmen led her to a greater appreciation of their artistry and a desire to incorporate their creations into her work.

Meeting Emilio Robba in 2001 was a defining moment for Hélène. After two years of working with him in New York and Miami, she joined a luxury watch and jewellery brand but continued to stay in touch with him and his team. Throughout her career in the luxury industry, she has often installed his floral creations in the retail environments in which she has worked.

In 2015, she decided to bring together her decorative art and visual merchandising interests. By then, Hélène had been living in the UK for several years and suggested that Emilio Robba might develop his brand here, so he took the decision to entrust her with his entire catalogue of bespoke floral creations and sculptures.

It was he who connected Hélène with Jules Pansu, designers and manufacturers of tapestries and furnishing fabrics with a long pedigree, whom Emilio Robba had regularly joined forces with to creative collaborative pieces. Jules Pansu has also now appointed Hélène to represent them in the UK.

Long-time friend, Claire M., is a designer whose work Hélène is proud to showcase in the UK. Claire’s specific talent is to beautify chairs into works of art using traditional upholstery techniques in which she is well versed. Her one-off seats are so popular that they sell within days of being made. Although Claire is based in her studio in France, Hélène is able to offer Claire M. designs to the UK market though A Sprinkle of Deco and Art.

The latest addition to Hélène’s portfolio is Cristal Benito, a family company of crystal cutters who have refined the art of working in this spectacular material and pushing it to the limit of its endurance to produce dazzling results. Hélène met Franck Benito, managing director of the company and representing the third generation of this talented family at the French Design Forum, organised by Business France. Here, they had a fruitful discussion about the promotion of craftsmanship and the challenges and opportunities this presents before realising that they were both friends of Emilio Robba. This led to a subsequent meeting in Paris and a visit by Hélène to the Cristal Benito workshop to understand the fine detail of the workmanship and to agree their current collaboration.

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