A Sprinkle of Deco and Art helps you style your space the way you want it

Could your home benefit from a more creative touch, or would your customers enjoy a more convivial and stylish environment? A Sprinkle of Deco and Art can fulfil your decorative brief for your home, office or retail space, matching your ideas and requirements and working with your taste and preferred colour palette.

A Sprinkle of Deco and Art offers a unique combination of visual merchandising expertise for retail brands as well as distinctive decorative pieces and artworks for interior decorators, retailers and private clients.

Talented French artisans are able to make their work accessible outside their home country and reach new audiences through A Sprinkle of Deco and Art, which chooses to work exclusively with French master craftsmen and women. This is a valuable way to support these fine designers and offer the best of French style to discerning customers, who are aficionados of fine living seeking decorative, artistic objects and bespoke creations to grace their interiors and reflect their personal taste.

Emilio Robba, Jules Pansu, Claire M. and Cristal Benito are passionate about their craft, using their talent and know-how to create unique and customised pieces for clients’ decorative projects.

By installing Emilio Robba’s stunning sculpture-like silk flower arrangements and art photography; Jules Pansu’s classic and contemporary tapestries and accessories; Claire M’s unique and bespoke upholstered seats; and Cristal Benito’s unique pieces of crystal carved by hand, A Sprinkle of Deco and Art can transform a room into a warm and welcoming setting.

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