‘We are very proud to have won the prestigious “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” (“Best Craftsmen in France”) not once, but twice’




Jules Pansu founded his namesake company in 1878 on the rue du Faubourg Poissonnière in Paris. Today, 135 years later, the company is still located on the original site.

Monsieur Pansu began designing tapestries and textiles in the mid-1800’s. With manufacturing facilities located in Halluin, French Flanders, Pansu joined a community of tapestry artisans with a rich 600-year history in the region.

In 1919, his son, also named Jules, succeeded him. He was followed by his three sons, who joined the family business in 1963. With a four-generation legacy of designing and manufacturing tapestries in the fine French tradition, the Jules Pansu Company is continuing to expand in France and abroad.

A form of textile art dating as far back in written history as Homer’s Iliad, tapestry making is a long-standing tradition in the heritage and culture of France. Since the Middle Ages, weavers in Paris, northern France and the Val-de-Loire regions have created intricate and enduring tapestries that can still be admired in the national museums and castles of France.

In 1660, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, minister of finance for Louis XIV, founded Les Gobelins Tapestry Manufactory followed by the Manufacture Royale de Beauvais. The tapestries created at the Gobelins Manufactory, as well as those from the workshops of Aubusson and Felletin, were the finest produced in Europe throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

Tapestries were often based upon the work of famed painters of the day, including Le Brun, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Charles Coypel and Francois Boucher. Today, in the workshops of Jules Pansu in Halluin, the company continues to specialize in the Jacquard weave, named after the craftsman Joseph-Marie Jacquard who invented the process and loom that allowed for much greater versatility and artistry in weaving.

Since its creation in 1878, the company has been dedicated to enhancing its expertise in creating fine tapestries based on the ancestral traditions of design, development and production of Jacquard weaving.

Today, we are very proud to have won the prestigious “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” (“Best Craftsmen in France”) not once, but twice. Our hard-working team strives continually to ensure the highest level of technical sophistication and creative quality in all our products. We are honored that our efforts have been rewarded thus.

To meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers, our Artistic Director combines contemporary tastes with traditional styles to reinterpret and reinvent our tapestries, using fresh new colors and modern designs.

We meet the demands of our most discriminating customers – including many prestigious museums, national and international monuments – by customizing designs and developing products specifically for them.

To maintain our standards of excellence, all our fabrics are created and produced in our own Jacquard factory located in Halluin in northern France. We cultivate long-term relationships with our partners throughout the textile industry, including spinners of wool and cotton, thread dyers, finishers, and more, ensuring high quality production that we are proud to say is “Made in France.”

Jules Pansu has been designated a “Living Heritage Company” by the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment. This certification recognizes the company for its distinguished craftsmanship and industrial excellence. Jules Pansu, fine weavers and tapestry makers since 1878, has proudly held this certification since 2012.

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